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The ABC’s of Working With SME’s

Instructional Design Best Practices to Maximize the Success of your Learning Development Projects. There are a lot of moving parts to building a successful learning development course. It’s a team effort. You couldn’t have done it without your SME. That’s why you need to practice the ABCs of Working with SMEs.

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Labor Day: Work Happy – Relax Deeply

This Labor Day I plan on relaxing while I labor. I’ll have a few good friends over for some fine food and good wine. I’ll shop. I’ll cook. I’ll fuss. I’ll scurry about. I scare my husband because when I’m moving that fast he says I’m dangerous. Especially when I’m around sharp knives. But I like it. Mind you, not all the time. But when I choose to, I enjoy it. I can even enjoy cleaning. Labor Day and Labor. How about you? Do you work happy? Many years ago, as a struggling opera singer, I worked as a bartender in NYC. After a particularly bad end to a bad relationship, I was cleaning glasses, setting up the bar and getting ready for my customers. I noticed that – even under those circumstances – I was feeling deeply happy. For no good reason. Truth be told, if I was to look at the facts, I probably had good reason to NOT be happy. Yet, I was. Deeply. Not that I found tending bar particularly meaningful. In the larger context I found my life meaningful. Still do. This Labor Day make sure the people you work with, work for, and who work for you – know that the work is worth doing! Meaningful work enriches...

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Employee Turnover: Reasons Employees Leave and What To Do About It

About 35 percent of American workers quit in the first six months. Why? Are you learning what you need to from surveys and exit interviews? Read more find the solutions to these problems.

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Self-Motivated Teams? Self-Engaged Employees? What Else Is Possible?

What if we were able to tap into a mental blueprint where we could download the drive and enthusiasm of an Olympic athlete? What would that do for your organization? Your teams?

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Goal Setting: Mid Year Check-in

Goal setting and a mid year check-in. How are you doing with your short term goals. Are you on track?

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3 Ways Employees Can Drive Their Own Engagement

Here are 3 great tips on employees can drive their own engagement

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